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Get Financed for RV's and Used Trailers in Salt Lake City | Low Interest on Auto Loans

From funding RVs within your budget to getting Recreational Vehicle Insurance, Clays Utah RV Sales team of experts can help you at every stage. The duration of an RV loan is usually 6-20 years, depending on the type of loan. The exact RV loan terms depend on whether the loan is secured or unsecured, the down payment, credit rating, and the total cost of the RV you purchase.

Like RV loans, interest rates on RV loans depend on several factors. Your credit rating and funding terms will affect your interest rates. Our Clays Utah RV Sales experts in RV sales in salt lake city can help you in getting the lowest interest rates on RV financing. Unless you haven’t found the RV, used trailer, or cargo trailer you are looking for, you can use our Rv finder tool online and fill out the form below, and our staff will contact you once we found the RV.

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Our financial experts carefully consider your options and lay out the various loans available to help you better understand the different terms. Check the loan and find the best fit for your lifestyle Once you find the right loan, you can sign up and start taking your first drive in your used RV. If you have any questions about financing a used vehicle or need help determining which model from our inventory fits your budget, the financial experts at Clays Utah RV Sales are always ready to help. Visit our showroom in Salt Lake City, UT, or give us a call.

When you’re ready to move forward with the buying process, complete your loan application and check your trade-in value from the comfort of your home.

What Credit do You Need For a RV Loan?

The credit rating required to qualify for a RV loan is relative to the lender. On average, a borrower needs a score in the high 700s for a new RV loan and in the mid 600s for a used RV loan. This credit rating also determines the Customers interest rate on the loan. In order for him to get an interest rate of 0-2% on a new RV loan, the lender usually requires a score of 700 or more credit. Conversely, if the borrower’s credit score is in the mid-600s or low-500s to low-600s, the lender will charge him an interest rate three to five times higher than a lender with one good.

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