We Specialize in Fiberglass Body & Paint Including Water Damage & Roof Repair

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Paint & Fiberglass Repair

With many years of expertise in fiberglass repair, paint and custom fabrication, your trailer or RV will be repaired correctly. Don’t trust your RV paint to just anyone. RV fiberglass has a mix of high-grade paint and gelcoat that require specialized processes. Let our experts ensure your paint and fiberglass repair is done right the first time. Our top-notch customer service will keep you informed throughout the process.

Roof/Water Damage Repair

There is nothing worse than RV water damage. Water can have a tendency to get into the most hidden spaces on your RV. Let our experts not only repair the leak, but clean up any issues that might lead to delamination, and worse, mold. Instead of waiting until the repair costs of a leak are astronomical, it’s time to take action now. If you’ve noticed a leak, or even if you haven’t, RV rubber roof repair could be just the thing you need.

Custom Solar Install

RV solar is absolutely worth the investment. Saving money on your power bill and generator maintenance and fuel. Knowing your RV will always be charged, powering systems without running a noisy generator. It also gives you the ability to go boondocking on public land rather than having to stay in a crowded RV park with hookups. Let our experts help you create and install the perfect RV solar design.

RV Service & Repairs in Salt Lake City, UT

Clay’s RV Has Experience That You Can Trust.

Our management team has many years of combined experience and many “ins” within the industry to help get your RV back on the road. Our service department has highly qualified technicians to ensure that your RV, camper van and trailer are in good condition for years to come.

RV Special Services

Here at Clays RV Sales, we are running a very special type of service. We specialize in body, roof, paint, Fiber Glass, Water damage, delamination, and structural repair. Due to our expertise in this particular type of service, we will not perform any other type of repair or service. Our team of experts can get back on the road faster than you can imagine.

  • We work with ALL INSURANCE companies
  • RV ROOF damage
  • WATER damage
  • BODY damage
  • STRUCTURAL repairs
  • SIX RV PULL THROUGH bays on site

When it comes to RV painting services, we often see some misconceptions that we commonly come across: first, there are many people that think that RV paint jobs are easy do-it-yourself-type tasks, and second, that RVs are exactly the same as automobile paint jobs.

Non-professional painting work, color mismatches, and incorrect sanding techniques can cost the exterior of your RV. Don’t make this mistake. Instead of compromising quality, let a Clay’s RV expert we will take care of your RV.

Feel free to call us at (801) 972-1110. We will be happy to assist you by calling or arranging your reservation. Talk to us about the best way to keep your investment and learn more about our Rv dealership and available services!

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