Receive Equitable Trade-In Values and Fair Deals When Selling Your RV. Salt Lake City's RV Consignment Dealer with Fair Pricing in Utah.

If you have thought to yourself “I’d like to sell my RV” but you don’t know what to expect? With Clays RV Sales Utah we will help you Find True RV Values

Why Would I Want to Trade In?

Save thousands in taxes on your new RV. You will save money on taxes. The amount of your trade is taken off the new RV price allowing you to only pay tax on the remaining balance.

Save wasted time on countless questions, test drives, and tire kickers. You will save your most valuable resource “Time”. Advertising your RV involves writing and posting the ad with photos.

Test Drives are a Huge Liability! Trading in saves you from liability. Selling an RV also involves the problems that arise when they have issues with “The RV you sold them”. As well as many more questions and issues after the sale.

Safety from scams, bad checks, and people coming to your house. I wouldn’t want people coming to my house, especially with the possibility of scams or sickness.

Factors We Follow to Determine Your Trade-in Value

Your trade-in value is determined by a variety of factors that are considered when evaluating your current car. Year of manufacture, mileage, and overall condition are important considerations, but we take our time, albeit efficiently, to make sure everything is working optimally. To get the most out of your trade-in, you need to keep your RV in the best possible condition. This allows you to save money on your next purchase at Clay’s RV Sales Utah Dealer with great trade-in prices.

If you own an RV and would like to sell it, choose Clay’s RV Sales for a fair negotiation. The great thing is, that you can purchase a new used RV from our dealership. Check out his RVs for sale in Salt Lake City. Our dealership can also perform maintenance on his RV, so our experienced technicians will take care of his RV. If you aren’t financially viable throughout the trade-in process, our finance department can help you obtain financing for your used RV.

If you have any questions about trade-ins, financing, RV searches, test drives, or any type of service, please call us at (801) 972-1110 or visit us at our Salt Lake City store at 1260 S 500 W.

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